Kuwait’s visa ban on Filipinos: President Marcos issues statement on restriction

Kuwait’s visa ban on Filipinos: President Marcos issues statement on restriction

With Kuwait’s visa ban on Filipinos still in place, the southeast Asian country’s president on Friday spoke about what the government plans to do next to improve the situation.

Philippine President Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr told local media that his team will continue negotiating with the Gulf country, dismissing suggestions that a “total deployment ban” should be imposed in response to the deadlock.

Kuwait had — including tourist, employment, and business visas — since May 10.

The Gulf state said the ban was imposed of bilateral agreement — including forcing employment offices in Kuwait to recall Filipino housemaids and workers from the houses of Kuwaiti citizens and lodging them at private residences; forcing employment offices to locate escapees from Kuwaiti employers; among others.

Marcos, however, stressed that as far as the Philippines is concerned, no violations have been committed.

“We couldn’t reach an agreement because they are saying we have violated their rules, but we don’t see any violations. This is why we have come to this situation,” the president told local media in Filipino.

At this point, he said, all the Philippines could do is to “react to the situation as it is”.

“I don’t want to burn any bridges… and I think the proper reaction is to take the decision of the Kuwaiti government to no longer issue new visas,” Marcos was quoted as saying in local media reports.

The Philippines, he added, will just leave the issue open for now. “We will continue to negotiate with them, we will continue to consult with them, hoping that down the road, the situation will improve and allow our workers to head for their jobs in Kuwait.”

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