The 14 most amazing attractions in Eugene

The 14 most amazing attractions in Eugene

Eugene, Oregon, United States, is famous for housing the Museum of Natural and Cultural History. Guests will love learning more about the local culture and history by seeing the exciting exhibits it has to offer. Aside from this, guests will also love admiring the beautiful Victorian mansion called the Shelton McMurphy Johnson House.

In Eugene you will find some beautiful attractions that you just cannot miss! Places like International Rose Test Garden, Eugene Saturday Market, and Studio West Glassblowing Studio And Gallery and many more. Continue reading to know more.

1. International Rose Test Garden

The International Rose Test Garden is a rose garden located in Washington Park in Portland, Oregon, United States. It is undoubtedly one of the oldest continuously operated public rose test gardens in the country. A large number of visitors from around the world enjoy its sights and smells each year. New rose cultivars are continually sent to the garden from different parts of the world and are evaluated on several different types of plants. Depending on the weather condition, the roses bloom from April through October and from June through September.

2. Eugene Saturday Market

Visitors who love handicrafts would certainly love strolling around the Eugene Saturday Market. It is a weekly market held in Oregon and is considered to be the oldest weekly crafts market. Visitors would find themselves looking at over 200 booths that offer different handicrafts sold by the creator themselves.

3. Studio West Glassblowing Studio And Gallery

Alejandro Hernandez and Ciara Cuddihy, glass artists and collaborators, own and operate Studio West, which includes a gallery of fine paintings and glasswork as well as a full glassblowing studio. The gallery’s cream walls and cheerful lighting give way to the workshop’s industrial metal and rocky tile, where artists can be seen pulling white-hot gobs of glass from furnaces. These molten potential mounds are rolled and sculpted into handcrafted trinkets and vases, which can then be crushed and melted to complete their life cycle. Visitors can witness the process firsthand during seminars, where they will learn how to bend the superheated silica to their will from the glassworkers.

4. Mount Pisgah Arboretum

Visitors who love nature and the great outdoors would certainly love the Mount Pisgah Arboretum in Oregon. It features a diverse and variety of flora and fauna where visitors could see different plants and flowers native to the city. There are also available trails for those who love hiking. Visitors should not miss visiting Mount Pisgah Arboretum.

5. Ridgeline Trail

Eugene’s Ridgeline trail circle the southern part of the city with a series of large parklands. The Ridgeline Trail in Eugene is a well-maintained series of trails that are spread over an area of 20 kilometers and connect quite a few beautiful and large parklands. This part of the Trail System has a view of the wetlands to the west and Spencer Butte to the east in the Willamette Valley. There are over 200 acres to explore on foot or with a mountain bike. The trail can be accessed year-round and has several activities to choose from.

6. Eugene Masonic Cemetery

This cemetery holds a lot of history in more ways than one. Built-in the 1850s and formerly owned by the Freemasonry, this place holds the remains of many of Eugene’s prominent former citizens. Among the many tombstones, you can find here include those containing the names of the city’s founding fathers and Civil War veterans. Aside from all this, many travelers to this cemetery comment about enjoying the relaxing stroll and beautiful scenery of the place.

7. Spencer Butte

Spencer Butte is a significant landmark in Lane County, Oregon, United States, in the southern outskirts of Eugene, with an elevation of 2055 feet. The bulk of the trees on the butte is Douglas-fir. The summit of the butte is treeless and offers various hiking trails. Looking south from downtown Eugene, the tallest peak on the mountain may be seen. The park may be reached through the top, which is 2,054 feet above sea level.

8. Yaquina Bay Lighthouse

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, located in Oregon, offers stunning and picturesque views of the ocean as well as of nature. Visitors would surely love admiring the beautiful scenery it features as they climb the lighthouse and admire nature. The place where the lighthouse stands also features well-kept hiking trails for those who want to do outdoor activities.

9. The Jackalope Lounge

The Jackalope Lounge, located in Oregon, is one of the best places to eat and dine. It is a bar that offers delicious dishes that visitors would surely make them come back again for more. The Jackalope Lounge also offers quality dishes and drinks at an affordable price so don’t miss out on this bar.

10. Hendricks Park

Eugene’s oldest municipal park has 80 acres of paths, native vegetation, and a world-renowned rhododendron garden. There are routes for running, trekking, and birding in the park. You may use Bing Maps to identify local companies and destinations, as well as discover new places to visit and explore.

11. Owen Rose Garden

The Owen Rose Garden is situated in Eugene, Oregon. In 1951, George E. Owen, a former Eugene city councilor and lumberman, donated five acres with his house to the city. The eight-and-a-half-acre park located near Washington Jefferson Street features a large open turf area, a public restroom, accessible gravel walkways with benches, a pergola-lined paved walkway, a 28-foot diameter gazebo, an arbor picnic area, a parking lot and maintenance facility, and an impressive collection of heritage and heirloom roses.

12. Shelton Mcmurphey Johnson House

The house is nestled among a forest of tall trees on the southern side of Skinner Butte, Eugene, and is also called the Castle on the Hill. It is built in 1888 for T.W Shelton in Queen Anne-style with ornate open porches, large bay windows, polygonal tower, and exterior woodwork. Over the years the house has undergone a lot of modifications. It is the only Victorian house museum in the state and displays Victorian-era furniture, glassware, garments, and photos of historic Eugene. The house is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. It is now open for public tours and pre-arranged private events.

13. Jordan Schnitzer Museum Of Art

Jordan Schnitzer Museum Of Art, located in the heart of the University of Oregon. It is housed in the original building designed by Ellis F. Lawrence as part of the university’s memorial quadrangle. Art enthusiasts would surely love the museum as it features a wide range of collections of beautiful and stunning artworks.

14. Lane County History Museum

Eugene, Oregon is home to the Lane County History Museum. The museum is now available to the public. The museum on the county fairgrounds in Lane County, Oregon, with displays on the Oregon Trail, the county courthouse, old cars, items from throughout the county, and pictures. By appointment, the museum can make research resources available.

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