Temperatures to Drop to 7ºC and Day to be Partly Cloudy

Temperatures to Drop to 7ºC and Day to be Partly Cloudy

The National Centre of Meteorology has forecasted that on Friday, it will be partly cloudy and hazy at times throughout the day and temperatures are expected to drop to 7ºC.

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Winds will hit the country and they will be light to moderate by noon. Clouds are forecasted to appear eastward by the afternoon. 

Temperatures are predicted to be as high as 31ºC in the whole country. Mercury is also set to increase to 27ºC in Abu Dhabi and 26ºC in Dubai.

However, in both cities, temperatures are also forecasted to be as low as 19ºC in Abu Dhabi, 22ºC in Dubai, and 7ºC in mountainous regions.

Sea conditions are forecasted to be rough in the morning, then they are expected to become moderate to slight in the Arabian Gulf and the Oman Sea. 

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