Team What’s On pick their favourite things in the UAE right now

Team What’s On pick their favourite things in the UAE right now

Hotels, TV shows, local brands and more, these are our favourite things in the UAE right now…

Getting a glow up at… The British Salon

When I think back to when I first arrived in Dubai in 2015, I dreaded having to get my hair done. As a perennial blonde, there weren’t many options for healthily preserving my hair while still getting the fresh blonde colour I’d always sought after. Fast forward to now, and there are so many excellent salons all over the city, many of which are British trained and well versed in handling blonde hair. Ahead of our What’s On Dubai Awards last week, I paid a visit to one of the more recent openings, The British Salon, and left feeling fabulous. Owner Donna and her team aren’t just the best in the business – they’re some of the nicest too. Bonus points must be given for the endless shades of pink that adorn the walls and decorate the space – including a baby pink phone box. – Alice Holtham, Group Editor


Enjoying eggs alfresco at… The Abu Dhabi EDITION

I try not to have favourites when it comes to hotels and restaurants in the capital. Mostly because there’s SO many to choose from. But if I had to pick, I think the Abu Dhabi EDITION has to be up there. I love the lobby, the aesthetic, the brilliant steakhouse… it’s one of those sleek city pads that ticks all the boxes. So when I’m in Abu Dhabi, I always try to make sure I add in a visit. Which is exactly what I did this week, kicking off a day of meetings with chili eggs at their wholesome all-day eatery, Market at EDITION. – Alice Holtham, Group Editor


Spending the day at… Nobu by the Beach

As a self-confessed beach club addict, I couldn’t wait to try Nobu’s first beach venture at the already-iconic Atlantis The Royal. Last weekend I took my mum for Mother’s Day and we had the best time. Despite the fact the weatherman gave us clouds for most of the day, we still really enjoyed the venue, the pool and, of course, the food. We already expected that the Nobu menu would be impressive, but the extensive selection for poolside bites was really something else. I can’t wait to return. – Elise Kerr, Deputy Editor 


Lunching alfresco at… Flamingo Room by tashas

I’m sure by now it’s usually too warm to spend hours outdoors in the sunshine, but the summer seems delayed this year and I’m definitely not complaining. I decided to celebrate this fact with an alfresco lunch and where better than Flamingo Room? I didn’t have a reservation so it did take some patience and persistence to get a table on the terrace, but once we did it was so worth it. I also loved their take on calamari – if you haven’t tried it yet, make sure you do.– Elise Kerr, Deputy Editor 


Keeping up with… The Mandalorians

The first four episodes of the third season of Star Wars spin-off The Mandalorian are now available to stream on Disney+ (available through apps on your smart device for just Dhs29.99 per month). A show that introduced us to Pedro Pascal as a space daddy to The Child AKA Baby Yoda AKA Grogu and launched a thousand chiccy nuggie-based memes. It’s a Ronin-esque space Western set five years after the events of Return of the Jedi, and weaves the yarn of a warrior creed on the brink of extinction, thick with themes of companionship and the price of honour. The third series promises to drop us yet deeper down the snarling sarlacc pit, with a significant increase to the Mandalorian G-Unit entourage size; more darksaber shish kebabing and Grogu-smuggling skullduggery; the appearance of famous Jedi masters; and the prospect of (finally) a jolly old field trip to the fabled land of Mandalore. This, dear friends, is the way… – Miles Buckeridge, Senior Online Reporter

Watch on Disney+

Celebrating the sweeter side of iftar with… Candylicious

Homegrown sultans of sweet – Candylicious – have put together the cutest calendars for Ramadan. Filled with 30 sugary treats, concealed within boxes, ready to be opened for iftar, kids (or not kids — nobody is judging) can also look forward to a sweet little surprise for Eid. The whole thing costs just Dhs149 and is available in the Dubai Mall and Yas Mall Candylicious store now. – Miles Buckeridge, Senior Online Reporter


Soaking up the brilliant art at… Banksy 360. Art of the Rebel.

I have a huge pile of art books just waiting to be read at home. A book on Banksy, the popular yet unknown street artist is one book that I am excited to start as I am quite intrigued by his ways. So, when ToDA announced that they had a new digital show based on Banksy, I knew I had to see it. I didn’t know what to expect, but I truly was impressed. It’s not just an immersive show, but it’s almost like a Banksy 101 class where you will learn about his history, his rebellious nature, his feuds, and so much more. Needless to say, it’s piqued my interest even more and now I can’t wait to dive into the book. The show only runs only March 30, so go see it before it’s too late. – Aarti Saundalkar, Online Reporter


Enjoying a shopping spree at… Dubai Festival City Mall

I really do not like shopping. The actually thought of heading to a mall and walking in and out of numerous stores, picking clothes to try on, just … ugh, no. However, I had to visit Dubai Festival City Mall to use up a voucher that was expiring at the end of this month, so I grudgingly headed on down last weekend. Surprisingly, I found myself happily roaming around the mall visiting a number of stores like Borders, Brands for Less (the must-visit homeware section), Kiabi, Bath and Body Works and more. When I got home, I was overjoyed with my purchases but I hope that’s my quota of mall shopping done for a few months at the very least. – Aarti Saundalkar, Online Reporter


Enjoying a girls’ getaway to… JA Palm Tree Court

Last weekend, my friend and I got some much-needed R&R with a staycation at the JA Palm Tree Court, in Jebel Ali. We felt like we’d left the UAE and landed on a tropical island, as the resort is bursting with green and luscious trees and elegant peacocks strutting around the grounds. Our stay was incredible from start to finish, with multiple pools to dip in and out of, amazing beachside venues, and a gorgeous room overlooking a stunning sunset. I urge all that are looking for their next staycation location to visit JA Palm Tree Court. – Romy Hunt, Junior Reporter

Basking in the golden hour at…3Fils

It’s been six years since I last visited 3Fils, but I’ve watched as the restaurant has flourished and grown to become a household name here in the city. Last week, I visited their hard to bag popup SLRP, which is held on their magical rooftop terrace, which boasts incredible views of the glittering ocean, harbour, and city skyline. Whilst I sluuuurped away at my creamy and delicious vegan ramen, I was lost for words over the beauty of this terrace, vowing that I would make it down here as often as possible. – Romy Hunt, Junior Reporter

@slrp.ramen, @3.fils

Feeling very nostalgic on… the drive home from work

I end up spending an awful lot of time stuck in traffic. Most of the time I avoid Hessa street, because sitting in that kind of traffic just seems like an unending task. Unfortunately, it was one of the only routes I could take to get to my destination this week and so I decided to make the best of it by listening to a playlist of mine that is purely dedicated to South African music. Now, it’s common knowledge that South Africans are a patriotic bunch who will remind you time and time again that they are South African and complain when people call a braai a barbecue. Nevertheless, I am still one of them and they are my people. Sitting in Hessa street traffic this week, I decided to tap into some Shortstraw, PHFat and Biggy. It made the 20 extra minutes of traffic fly by. – Shelby Gee, Junior Reporter.

@shortstrawband / @phfat_official / @bigbiggerbiggy

Having a go at listening to podcasts, again, thanks to… The Change Officer

It seems like just about everybody has a podcast or knows someone that has a podcast. I sometimes find it difficult to sift through the sheer amount of information that’s available to us thanks to so many podcasts. Recently, I’ve been finding the world of business in Dubai interesting, and I’m enjoying a Dubai based podcast called The Change Officer. It focuses on the entrepreneurs, business leaders and change makers who are taking advantage of the evolving world of business in the city. Their episodes are as short as 10 minutes, and I can hardly wait for each episode to learn about all the interesting concepts, models and new businesses popping up in Dubai. – Shelby Gee, Junior Reporter 


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