16 Breathtakingly beautiful places in Ocracoke

16 Breathtakingly beautiful places in Ocracoke

Ocracoke is a village on Ocracoke Island and is the shelling destination of North Carolina. The Ocracoke Lighthouse guides ships through Ocracoke Inlet into Pamlico Sound and is well worth a climb with breathtaking views of the neighborhood. Ocracoke Beach is a spacious beach with beautiful sand, seashells, restrooms, and showers, excellent for swimming and surfing. Springers Point Preserve is a nature preserve with nature trails, salt marsh, maritime forest, tidal red cedar forest, and wet grasslands is a fab spot for birdwatching, hiking, and relaxing. Ocracoke Preservation Society is a society that preserves the island’s rich cultural history that exhibits artifacts, rotating exhibits, decors, and has a gift shop.

In Ocracoke you will find some beautiful attractions that you just cannot miss! Places like Ocracoke Island, Hammock Hills Nature Trails, and Ocracoke Preservation Museum and many more. Continue reading to know more.

1. Ocracoke Island

Ocracoke Island is one of the best shelling destinations on the outer banks. This island is only accessible by boat, ferry, or private plane and has been separated from the rest of the world for centuries, and has one of the most unique beach atmospheres along the coastline. This island is a treasure of maritime forest and indigenous wildlife. This island is pet-friendly with uncrowded beaches and clean dunes.

2. Hammock Hills Nature Trails

The Hammock Hills Nature Trail is located near Ocracoke, North Carolina, and features a unique coastal environment. The trail is good for all skill levels and offers the chance to see wildlife. There are informative signposts along the way of the hike, which takes about 30 minutes in total. A trail is undoubtedly an ideal place for nature lovers and bird watchers.

3. Ocracoke Preservation Museum

Located in the Northern Carolina outer bank region, Ocracoke Preservation Museum showcases Ocracoke Island’s rich historical and cultural heritage. There are many personal stories and numerous state of art collections at the Museum. Previously owned by Captain David Williams, the Museum gives a glimpse of life in earlier times through displays, artifacts, and historic photographs.

4. Ocracoke Beach Fires

Visitors should not miss out on Ocracoke Beach Fires, an experience offered in North Carolina. Visitors will surely love the Ocracoke Beach Fires as it features talking around bonfires at night and just enjoying each other’s company while taking in the warmth of the fire.

5. Fort Ocracoke Monument

Fort Ocracoke Monument, in North Carolina, is a one-of-a-kind historical landmark as it was built by volunteers of the city as a remembrance of the now sunken Fort Ocracoke. The monument is located on the island of Ocracoke where visitors will surely love the tranquility it offers as it is secluded from the city.

6. Pirates Quay Condo Hotel

For those looking for a place to stay when visiting North Carolina would surely love the Pirates Quay Condo Hotel. It is a hotel and condominium that offers quality accommodations with its well maintained rooms and facilities. The Pirates Quay Condo Hotel also offers a stunning view of the waterfront and Silver lake Harbor.

7. Scarborough Lane Shoppes

Scarborough Lane Shoppes in Duck has unique specialty stores. From boutiques that sell cool clothing collections to restaurants that sever marvelous dishes, Scarborough Lane Shoppes is a one-stop destination for shopping. One can find a nice cluster of shops including home decor, jewelry, souvenirs, and coffee shops along with art galleries. The OBX Popcorn Shoppe, My Nuts Company, and Ella’s Olive Tasting Room are a few places that are worth a try.

8. Catch A Sunset At Jockeys Ridge State Park

Jockeys Ridge State Park, located in Ocracoke, is a must-visit destination for those who love both nature and sightseeing. The park is regarded as the tallest sand dune which makes it ideal for sightseeing and watching the sunrise or sunset. Visitors will surely love the place as it also features a serene atmosphere as overlooks the ocean.

9. Ocracoke Lighthouse

Ocracoke Lighthouse, located in North Carolina, stands at 75 feet tall which visitors could climb and witness wondrous and picturesque views of nature. It was built in order to help guide ships through Ocracoke Inlet and since 1823 had been operating, making it the second oldest lighthouse in the country.

10. Historic Corolla Village

Historic Corolla Village, located in North Carolina, is a village that houses numerous establishments unique to the village. It also houses numerous tourist spots such as the Wild Horse Museum. Visitors would also surely love strolling around the village as it features numerous buildings with beautiful architecture.

11. Ocracoke Pony Pens

People who want to see ponies should check out the Ocracoke Pony Pens. It is located in North Carolina and is home to various ponies that are free to roam the vast green lands. It once contained almost 300 ponies but is now down to 13. Nevertheless, visitors would surely love seeing and being with ponies which are horses that are descendants of Spanish mustangs.

12. British Cemetery

The British Cemetery contains the graves of four British navy personnel who were killed while defending the North Carolina coast against German U-boats in World War.This place is well maintained. Every year close to May 11th, armed forces meet to honor the British seamen who were buried in this land. Ocracoke is at the end of North Carolina, which is accessible only by boat or a small plane. This place is historic and a nice memorial for the British.

13. The Anchorage Inn

Visitors looking for a comfortable place and a home away from home should try out The Anchorage Inn in North Carolina. Not only is the inn located in a convenient location near the airport but it also offers quality and luxurious rooms that are air-conditioned. The inn also features different amenities and facilities available to guests.

14. Graveyard Of The Atlantic Museum

Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum is located in Ocracoke, North Carolina. The museum specializes in displaying ship models, objects relating to ships, and artifacts that are recovered from shipwrecks. The gallery in the museum gives a detailed history of discovering, exploring, and preserving the ships that are wrecked or destroyed. This museum is a branch of the North Carolina Museum of History.

15. Teach’s Hole Blackbeard Exhibit

Visitors who are interested in learning more about pirate life should visit the Teach’s Hole Blackbeard Exhibit. It is located in North Carolina and features recreated items of the legendary pirate, Blackbeard. The museum has weapon displays, original art, and pirate ship models.

16. Outer Banks National Scenic Byway

Outer Banks National Scenic Byway is a highway that connects Dare, Hyde, and Carteret counties where visitors could seamlessly travel to and from these places. Aside from quicker travel time, the byway is also surrounded by greenery and towering trees which would surely make the drive more memorable.

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