Welcome the Warmer Seasons with LG DualCool

Welcome the Warmer Seasons with LG DualCool

As we slowly go from the winter season and welcome the warmer spring and summer seasons, we always tend to turn on the AC to avoid the hot weather. That is why we need to make sure that we have the right choice that would be able to fight against the strong summer heat. That’s why LG provided its customers with DUALCOOL Inverter AC which is the perfect choice to consider when buying a new AC.

Tropical Dual Inverter Compressor™

Tropical Dual Inverter Compressor technology from LG, which operates at 65 °C makes it the perfect choice for summer days. Customers can benefit from LG air conditioners for a longer time thanks to the compressor’s 10-year warranty. The dual compressor has a greater rotational frequency, which uses less energy and makes the temperature cooler more quickly.

Energy Saving & Quick Cooling

To maintain optimal temperatures, LG’s inverter compressor continuously modifies its speed. Also, compared to conventional compressors, the Dual Inverter Compressor technology with power-saving operation range frequency saves more energy. The Air expulsion process causes it to go farther and faster because of the Twin Inverter compressor.

Low Noise

Due to LG’s innovative skew fan and Dual Inverter Compressor, extra noises are reduced, and it enables the smooth operation of LG air conditioners.

LG DualCool Features

4Way Swing

LG air conditioners circulate cool air throughout your entire space. The four-way swing functions conveniently and swiftly distribute the air in a variety of directions.

Vertical 6 Steps Louver Control

Users can select the vane direction from one of six preset points to match the precise wind blow direction they want.

Horizontal 5 steps Louver Control

From step 1 to step 5, the vertical louver’s direction can be changed in both directions fully automatically. This feature also enables the air conditioner to quickly cool down a particular region.

Comfort Sleep

Use 3 separate functions (Indirect airflow/7hr off time set/Soft wind & sleep time logic) that are automatically adjusted to provide the most comfortable sleeping environment.

Gold Fin™

The Gold Fin™ guarantees that the surface is more corrosion-resistant and extends the heat exchanger’s durability.

Auto Cleaning

It stops mold and germs from growing on the heat exchanger, creating a comfortable environment.

Dual Protection Filter

The Dual Protection Filter removes bacteria and the smallest of dust.

Silent Mode

The world’s lowest sound levels are achieved by LG’s innovative skew fan and low-vibration compressor technology.

You can find DUALCOOL Inverter AC at these stores in the UAE:

UAE SharafDG  Carrefour 

Read more about LG Devices and discover their various smart features by visiting LG’s official website

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