Dubai Police to crack down on noisy, late-night bikers and motorists

Dubai Police to crack down on noisy, late-night bikers and motorists

Dubai Police have said they will crack down on late-night bikers and motorists who are creating a nuisance for neighbourhoods in the city.

The force launched a campaign on Wednesday to target those breaking the law with excessive vehicle noise.

“We will monitor motorcyclists who gather after midnight to break speed and noise restrictions and they will be fined and their vehicles will be impounded,” said Brig Jumaa bin Suwaidan, deputy director of the Traffic Department at Dubai Police.

I have a daughter who is a toddler who gets woken up by them every weekend in the middle of the night

Najla Norton

The issue of young motorists and motorcyclists causing late-night disturbances in residential areas has increased in recent months, he admitted.

“The problem has escalated dramatically, particularly in the winter and spring seasons. Most complaints coming to the department are about noisy cars,” Brig Suwaidan told a press conference.

“Despite our campaigns to raise awareness and crack down on such motorists, the problem has increased and continues to cause a great disturbance to people living in the emirate.

“We will increase the measures to stop this because people’s comfort is a priority for the force.”

Sleepless nights

Residents in one of Dubai’s most popular communities said they are enduring endless sleepless nights due to motorcyclists driving fast and loudly outside their windows after midnight.

People living in The Villa area, close to Al Habtoor Polo Resort, told The National their sleep has been disturbed for years by droves of late-night bikers outside their homes, with many considering moving away because of the issue.

“I’ve been living here for several years and most weekends they come down around midnight to race,” said resident Peter Boylan, 53, from the UK.

“It’s ridiculous how loud they are and how fast they go tearing down the road.

“I’ve spoken to many neighbours who say they are constantly woken up by them and we have contacted the police several times about it.”

He said many of his neighbours had moved out of the community as a result of the late-night racing, with several others saying were also considering moving away.

The racers are using the D54 motorway, from the Umm Suqeim Road to the E66, for their late-night high-speed activities, said Mr Boylan.

For most of Dubai, the permitted noise level between 7am to 8pm is 40-50 decibels, while at night acceptable decibel levels are 30-40, which is the typical level of a suburban area at night.

One resident said she had attempted to ask the racers to stop, only to be ignored.

“I have a daughter who is a toddler who gets woken up by them every weekend in the middle of the night,” said Najla Norton, 40, from Sweden.

“We have gone out to them a few times and asked them to be a little more considerate.

“They just laughed in our faces and said they were going to be back every night to race during Ramadan and to get used to it.”

The late-night motorbike races were akin to something out of a Hollywood action movie, another resident of The Villa said.

“They must have watched The Fast and the Furious a few too many times and think they are the guys in the film,” said Max Disgregorio, 54, from Italy.

“The noise they make at night is utterly insane.”

Targeting loud vehicles

Brig Suwaidan said Dubai Police have been active in targeting loud vehicles.

In 2022, the force registered 2,361 offences against motorists who modified their vehicles to cause loud noises. There were 1,079 cars impounded during that time.

“In the first quarter of this year, we issued 327 offences for motorists modifying their cars and seized 250 vehicles,” he said.

The penalty for breaking noise level restrictions while driving is a fine of Dh2,000 and 12 black points being issued against the driver.

Motorists who modify their vehicles will be fined Dh1,000, have 12 traffic points issued and will have their vehicles impounded for 30 days.

“Many offences happened in deserted areas such as Al Ruwyia and Al Qudra. We had complaints about noisy cars in Ras Al Khor, Al Khuwanij, Jumeirah Road, Al Aweer, Manama street, Warsan, and other areas across the emirate,” he added.

In some cases, car owners add power boosters to increase the speed of a vehicle, which also makes engines louder.

Brig Suwaidan urged the public to help in the campaign by reporting such behaviour through the We Are All Police app or by calling 901.

“We aim to protect people, not issue them fines, but strict measures must be taken against offenders,” he said.

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