Cristiano Ronaldo confesses, “I thought about saying goodbye to the national team.”

Cristiano Ronaldo confesses, “I thought about saying goodbye to the national team.”

Cristiano Ronaldo-Portugal: Portuguese phenomenon confesses to thinking about farewell

Cristiano Ronaldo has been summoned by Portugal’s new technical commissioner Roberto Martinez for qualifying matches for the upcoming European Championships. The Al Nassr star confessed in a press conference that he had thought about leaving the national team, “I’m not going to lie. In our life we have to question everything. We thought, reflected, about saying goodbye to the national team, me and my family, but then we came to the conclusion that despite the difficulties, we could not throw in the towel. I was able to see the situation from different angles. I learned a lot. I am happy to be back. The coach showed that he was counting on me. I always wanted to play. As you know, he talked to everyone and also to me. And I was able to understand that I still have a lot to give to the national team. I feel it, I want it and my desire is to take Portugal to the highest level. I will always give my contribution when they need me. “

He then talked about his new adventure in Saudi Arabia: “I feel really good there. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be here. I’m in a very competitive league, you should look at the Saudi league differently. Of course it is not like the Premier League, I would be lying if I said that, but it is competitive. It has surprised me in a positive way. There are good teams, it is balanced, Arab players are good, foreigners give quality. Maybe it will be, within 5 or 6 years, the 4th or 5th most competitive league in the world.”

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