Constable’s Daughter, Mafia Atiq Ahmad’s Wife & A Fugitive in Umesh Pal Case: Where is Shaista Parveen?

Constable’s Daughter, Mafia Atiq Ahmad’s Wife & A Fugitive in Umesh Pal Case: Where is Shaista Parveen?

Where is Shaista Parveen, the wife of mafia-turned-politician Atiq Ahmad and the prime accused in the Umesh Pal murder case? Is she in Uttar Pradesh or another state or has she fled India? The questions remain unanswered as UP Police is still clueless about Parveen’s whereabouts.

Born and brought up in the family of a constable, Parveen is now a fugitive from the law with a cash reward of Rs 25,000 on her head.

Interestingly, Parveen is in regular touch with her lawyers and is filing pleas and applications in different courts of India — including the apex court — in order to save herself and her family from police action. However, the cops are still clueless about the whereabouts of Parveen whose phone was switched off two days after she was accused in Umesh Pal’s murder case and her name was lodged in the FIR.

“Her phone is off since her name was included in the FIR. We are making efforts to trace her and collecting more details about her even as she dodges the police,” a senior police officer said.

The officer added that it is suspected that Parveen has left Prayagraj and is residing in seclusion in Delhi but exact details of her location are still unknown.

Parveen has also written a letter to UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, demanding a CBI enquiry into the incident. She alleged that it was a political conspiracy to frame her in the case and stop her from contesting for the post of Mayor.

Though UP Police is now going to declare Parveen and her three sons as members of Atiq’s gang that is registered as IS 227 in police records and issue a lookout notice for Parveen, it seems unlikely that the grim scenario in the state will change.

Not only Parveen but her husband Atiq Ahmad, brother-in-law Ashraf and sons are also accused in the FIR registered on February 25. Police investigations revealed that Parveen and her two sons Ahzam and Abaan were at home when Umesh Pal was gunned down on February 24. The mobile phones of her sons were switched on till the night of February 24. However, Parveen left home as soon as police started detaining suspects for questioning in the sensational murder. She was in contact with her kin and Atiq’s associates till the afternoon of February 25 and her WhatsApp was also active.

Parveen’s phone was then switched off, making it difficult for the police to trace her location. Tracing and arresting the fugitive has now become a challenge for Prayagraj Police who blamed her pictures donning the Hijab as one of the reasons behind the delay in her arrest.

“In most of her pictures, she is seen wearing a Hijab due to which her face is not clearly visible,” a senior police official said. Hence, UP police have decided to stick banners and posters bearing the pictures of Parveen in which her face is clearly visible.

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