14 Most photo-worthy spots in Bucharest!

14 Most photo-worthy spots in Bucharest!

Formerly known as “Little Paris” for its magnificent architecture, explore Bucharest’s huge city parks, works of art, and exhibitions at its outstanding museums, and get lost in the gritty yet attractive streets that thread through the Old Town. Take a trip down Calea Victoriei to see some of the country’s most important structures and monuments, all of which bear witness to bygone eras.

In Bucharest you will find some beautiful attractions that you just cannot miss! Places like Relax At The Cismigiu Gardens, Museum Of Art Collections, and The Old Town and many more. Continue reading to know more.

1. Relax At The Cismigiu Gardens

This public park is located in the heart of the city around an artificial lake. Offering a green haven amidst the city bustle, it is popular among both the tourists as well as the locals. One can even enjoy rowboat on the lake in summers and ice skating in the winter months.

2. Museum Of Art Collections

It is situated in Bucharest and is a branch of the National Museum of Art of Romania. The collection contains many works by western European artists from Asia and the Middle East, including one by Vincent van Gogh, while the core collection is made up of work by Romanian artists from the late 19th and 20th centuries. It is situated at the corner of Calea Grivi dialei on Calea Victoriei No. 111 in the Romanit Palace.

3. The Old Town

Bucharest’s Old Town is characterized by the area bordered by the Dambovita river to the south, Calea Victoriei to the west, Bulevardul Brătianu to the east, and Regina Elisabeta to the north, and is known to most locals as Centru Vechi (the Old Centre). The region is essentially all that remains of Bucharest prior to WWII.

4. Parks And Gardens

Also known as the Dimitrie Brândză Botanical Garden, this urban refuge was founded in 1860 with the significant financial backing of Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza. Now, it is home to about 10,000 species of plants, approximately half of which are cared for in impressive glasshouses. There is also a museum inside that showcases plants with medicinal and economic value. Plant and flower history are also explained here. If you’re not interested in the science of plants, this place is still a must-see if you want some quiet time relaxing or reading a book while watching some ducks.

5. Unwind In Herastrau Park

Opened in 1936, Herastrau Park is a 187-hectare park on the northern side of Bucharest. The 74-hectare lake makes the park more attractive to runners who love the 7-kilometer path around the lake. Sports enthusiasts love the playgrounds, golf course, yacht club, etc. Families love the park for picnics in the green natural zone and casual boating activity in the lake.

6. The Revolution Square

Locally known as Piata Revolutiei, it is located in the heart of Bucharest’s Old Town. It gained a spot in the country’s history after the events of the Romanian Revolution in 1989. Home to numerous iconic landmarks and impressive buildings, it is one of the most popular tourist hotspots of Romania.

7. Grigore Antipa National Museum Of Natural History

Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History is located in Bucharest and showcases many different specimens and species. It is known for hosting many educational activities that guests could participate in. The museum also features exhibits of various artifacts, rocks, minerals and fossils.

8. Stavropoleos Monastery

One of the few sites that survived the Big Fire of 1847, Stavropoleos Monastery is an Eastern Orthodox monastery made for nuns in Bucharest. Showcasing the Brâncovenesc style, The church was built in 1724, during the rule of Nicholas Mavrocordatos by the archimandrite Ioannikios Stratonikeas, who is a Greek monk from Pogoniani, and it is dedicated to Archangels Michael and Gabriel.

9. The Village Museum

The Village Museum of Bucharest is 100,000 square meters of space in the largest park of Bucharest. One of the first open-air museums in the world, the Village Museum showcases the traditions and culture of Romanian villages with original peasant houses and farms.

10. Park Lake Mall

Clean and well-maintained, this mall houses several shopping options through their many retail outlets. They also have a magnificent food court with a range of eateries to enjoy delicious multicultural cuisine. Particularly spectacular during Christmas, it is arguably one of the nicest malls in Bucharest.

11. Palace Of The Parliament

Former dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu spared no expense building this Neoclassical-style structure for his lawmaking body. With a whopping floor area of 3,930,000 square feet, this building has more than 3000 rooms. Since this government edifice was built at the height of the Cold War, it has nuclear bunkers for thousands of people in the basement. Allegedly, there are also secret tunnels leading to other government buildings in the area.

12. National Museum Of Art Of Romania

It has a rich collection of European and Oriental art. It is one of the top 15 attractions in the city. It is placed in Revolution Square of the Royal Palace and is about the social and political developments of the time. Everyone should go here at least once.

13. Museum Of The Romanian Peasant

This beautiful museum is a gem that is also regarded as one of the leading museums in Europe. Featuring an astounding collection of more than 100,000 objects and artifacts, it is a museum dedicated to the country’s arts and traditions. Telling the stories of Romanian country life over the centuries, this is that one place which every visitor ought to see.

14. Brasov City Center

One of the most popular meeting points in Brasov, the city center is conveniently located near a range of attractions. There are many nearby restaurants and dining options, beautiful antique shops and even peaceful libraries where you can choose to relax or look for more resources about the city.

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