Watch: Lionel Messi mobbed by fans while dining at restaurant in Argentina

Watch: Lionel Messi mobbed by fans while dining at restaurant in Argentina

Football superstar Lionel Messi — long regarded as a national hero in Argentina — was having dinner with his family when, all of a sudden, fans caught wind of where exactly they were eating.

In an instant. a swarm of people — with their arms raised and their phone cameras in the air — formed outside the Don Julio restaurant in Buenos Aires’ Palermo district. Messi was reportedly with his wife Antonela Roccuzzo and their children. They were having steak for dinner but had to cut their meal short as chaos erupted in the area, according to reports.

Messi, who led the Argentine team to, also drew a legion of fans when he and his team first flew home to celebrate the win. They were supposed to go around town on a motorcade, allowing the people to catch a glimpse of their football heroes, but the team The victory parade ended abruptly as there was no way the open-top bus could move through the

The scene was almost similar outside that restaurant in Argentina on Monday night. Here’s a video posted on a fan account:

A team of officers had to escort Messi and his family out of the restaurant and through the huge crowd of people. They literally had to squeeze through the hundreds of ecstatic fans whose arms and hands were all reaching for the PSG star.

At one point, some were able to grab Messi’s head and turned it towards them. Others were pulling his shirt while a few were trying to hug him from the waist.

But through it all, there was no trace of frustration or disappointment on the footballer’s face. He was even caught smiling in the middle of the chaos:

Messi is currently making headlines after rumours of . According to European media, Saudi clubs are willing to go all out for the star. He is reportedly set to be offered a deal worth $234 million a season to make a move.

The fact that Messi’s father and agent, Jorge Messi, is in Saudi Arabia much ahead of the footballer’s visit isn’t helping to quill the transfer rumours. What Saudi fans know for sure is that their ‘GOAT’ will be

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