Dubai Chambers launches Innovation Week with 13 dialogues for employees and public

Dubai Chambers launches Innovation Week with 13 dialogues for employees and public

Commemorating the government’s yearly innovation festival, UAE Innovates 2023, Dubai Chambers has launched Innovation Week, a series of its own innovation sessions took place this week from 13-17 February.

With a focus on its employees, Dubai Chambers’ Innovation Week aimed to instill a culture of innovation within its organisation and enhance the work environment. The Chambers aimed to engage employees and provide them with the knowledge and tools to drive success and excellence in performance.

The Innovation Week featured 13 events dedicated to various areas and aspects of innovation through interactive workshops, trainings and educational discussions. Some of the workshops are also open for the public to attend.

Commenting on the launch of Dubai Chambers’ Innovation Week, Yazeed Salah, Senior Manager, Chamber Executive Office, Dubai Chambers, said, “Innovation is the key to success. It is therefore imperative for us at Dubai Chambers to support the business community to innovate, in line with the government’s innovation agenda. The success of businesses will drive economic growth in the country and realize the UAE’s economic goals and ambitions.”

“We believe that knowledge-empowering events such as these are crucial in educating our employees on future technologies as well as fostering a forward-looking culture and cultivating innovative thinking methods within our organization.” he added.

Topics covered included design thinking to encourage creative problem solving and innovation to address business challenges; innovation culture and experiences to shed light on the experiences available to innovate across service, process, technology, system and policy; ESG to shed light on environmental, social and governance insights and initiatives; the metaverse and virtual reality to demonstrate the existing metaverse of Dubai Chambers and allow employees to pitch their solutions on how to best utilize it; tokenization to display the role of tokenization to leverage alternative investments; innovation scorecards to explain how to measure innovation objectives through a set of KPI’s and targets; innovation tools to stimulate creative thinking and help innovation ambassadors achieve their goals; and cybersecurity to shed light on the potential cyber risks and threats in an ever-more digitalized and connected world.

Other awareness workshops focus on the metaverse trends, technologies, and promoting the custom metaverse solution Dubai Chambers is currently adopting and offering to customers as well as giving Dubai Chambers members the chance to present their innovative start-up projects.

In addition, the event also features a metaverse exhibition for members to join and explore the Dubai Chambers metaverse space through the website. Members will be able to view the services offered therein with an agent to support in addressing any queries.

The Innovation Week will also hold a virtual session on the Dubai Chambers metaverse platform to present use cases and ideate around how to best utilize the metaverse.

The UAE has always been known for its innovation and entrepreneurship spirit. It ranked 31 globally in the World Intellectual Property Organisation’s (WIPO) Global Innovation Index (GII) 2022.

WIPO also placed UAE in the 18th spot globally on the GII’s innovation input sub-index this year, which measures a country’s growing ability to transform investments in innovation-supporting inputs into tangible results that drive its development and global economic competitiveness. This is testament to the UAE leadership’s impactful initiatives in fostering a culture of innovation and providing a conducive environment for it to flourish.

UAE Innovates 2023 is a nation-wide celebration and one of the largest innovation festivals in the world. It was launched in 2015 and has become a yearly flagship event in the UAE. It is a consolidated effort by the government, the private sector, and individuals to help create a widespread culture of innovation.

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