3 new stores have just opened at the Reem Mall mega project

3 new stores have just opened at the Reem Mall mega project

Things are starting to blossom at Reem Mall…

Yesterday we reported on the news that VOX Cinemas has opened at the huge 1.2 billion US Dollar mega project, Reem Mall.

Once fully finished, it’ll hit slopes with a cool 85 different dining options, and more than 450 stores, across two million square feet of retail space.

And it looks like the stores have started to unfurl their retail petals. The mall’s Instagram page has announced three new shops have now opened and are starting to serve customers.

More in store

They are…

Chic furniture vendors Chattels & More

Craving a new corner seater for comfortable DNMs (deep ‘n’ meaningfuls)? Perhaps your weekends are all about getting lit, in which case we’d recommend a new free-standing statement lamp; apartment doesn’t need anything? Allow us to present a comic strip polyresin pug wearing sunglasses (honestly the ‘& more’ part of Chattels & More is wild). Need that? Yep, we thought so… For all your household furnishing and polyresin dog statue needs — Chattels & More is now open at Reem Mall.

Everyone’s favourite cheat food — pizza is now being served at Papa John’s

Good afternoon to everyone except people who order Hawaiian. If you’re a fan of American pizza, and let’s face it — sometimes, that’s the only thing that will do, you should be positively buoyed by the news that Papa Johns’s has opened in Reem Mall. The founder, John Schnatter famously ate 40 of the brands pizzas in 30 days, and we’re not sure if that’s a record but all we’re thinking is — challenge accepted.

And finally, getting you athleisurewear ready, Under Armour

Whether you’re looking for new kicks, training tops, or a tracksuit to meet those ‘ADNOC Marathon at 7, Spinney’s deli counter shopping at 12’ needs, Under Armour has got you. Now open and running the show at Reem Mall.

Images: Provided/Instagram

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