When a Pakistan cricket fan dreamt of witnessing India’s Virat Kohli playing in the PSL in Multan

When a Pakistan cricket fan dreamt of witnessing India’s Virat Kohli playing in the PSL in Multan

A cricket fan. A cricket fan can be divided based on the country that they belong to or the team that they follow, or in this day and age where franchise-based cricket leagues rule the roost and are continuing to spring up like mushrooms, as we speak.

Yet, between that divide and the partisan support there is that fan, that ‘superfan’ who knows no divide and celebrates cricket for what it is.

It has been said and repeated over and over again about the famed India-Pakistan cricket rivalry and the fact that both the nations haven’t toured with each other for close to two decades for various reasons. And speaking about that further would be an exercise in futility.

But then there are millions of fans on either side of the border who are united for the sheer love for the sport.

And one such fan was witnessed during the Pakistan Super League (PSL) opener between the Lahore Qalandars and Multan Sultans in Multan.

Cricketers of both the countries in the other’s T20 franchise leagues — the Indian Premier League (IPL) and the PSL. But one fan (and we are sure there are many) who had a wish — a wish of seeing India’s star batter, former Indian captain Virat Kohli, in Multan.

As the match between the Qalandars and the Sultans reached the riveting final stages, television images showed the fans in the stands. And two placards caught the eye. One placard read: ‘Skipped job to attend PSL. Career at stake.’

But it was the other one which perhaps showed the essence of that superfan. His placard read: ‘Wish to see Kohli in Multan.’

The image went viral on social media platforms and we only hope that the fan’s dream may come true soon enough.

Imagine witnessing Kohli and Pakistan’s Babar Azam or even Mohammad Rizwan batting together.

The cricket fan can dream!

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