Sheikh Saif discusses climate change and ‘Emirates family’ on last day of Dubai summit

Sheikh Saif discusses climate change and ‘Emirates family’ on last day of Dubai summit

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Sheikh Saif bin Zayed, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, has delivered a keynote speech on the last day of the World Government Summit in Dubai.

In Wednesday’s session open to select delegates and officials, Sheikh Saif spoke about the growth of the UAE over the years, climate change, how the country deserved to be selected to host Cop28, the large ‘Emirates family’ and paid tribute to the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, and Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai, attended the session.

The session was titled ‘The Emirates: A Family of Solid Roots and a Vibrant Future’.

Sheikh Saif reflected on recent economic progress, tourism growth and the nation’s status as a global hub for trade and thanked the country’s rulers for their leadership.

‘Emirates family’

The Emirates, he said, was a “family” comprised every nationality that continues to attract the brightest and best from all over the world.

He said the confidence of the leaders in the “Emirates family” had guided the country to excel in various sectors, such as environment, economy, trade and tourism.

He said the success of a cohesive structure had put the country in a leading position on the world map.

Based on the vision of its leaders, the UAE has presented the world with a model of what integrative work can do, he said.

“The Emirates family, with the support from the leadership, government and society across all segments, have nurtured an environment that preserved solid roots, from which the country went global,” he said.

The UAE, he said, was the first choice to host more than 6,000 events, many of which were international. Dubai topped the world’s cities in tourism revenue, exceeding $29 million last year, he said.

Sheikh Saif pointed out that the UAE was the preferred destination for more than 200 million Arab youths to build a life in the country; the first choice for investors and the world’s richest to set up their business empires because of the security, law and order and respect for different cultures that the country offers.

“It’s impossible to become a world number one unless there is a base from where to start, which is the right family,” he said.

Sheikh Saif urged the people of the UAE — whether ministers, government officials, private sector employees and heads of families — to continue contributing to the Emirates family.

“Ask yourself every day, every week and every month, what have you done for the Emirates family? What did you do for the country?” he asked.

Saving the environment for the future generation

Sheikh Saif said the UAE’s dedication to climate change had been at the core of its heritage since its foundation, earning the country a “deserved” right to host Cop28 this year.

“In 1981, the UAE issued the first law to preserve the environment, and in 1995, the world honoured the late UAE Founder Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan for his environmental contributions locally and globally. It was that same year that the UN launched the first Cop to educate the world about the environment,” he said.

“The Emirates family believes in the risks that environmental pollution poses on the universe and people’s well-being. It believes in its destructive impact on the nation.”

Sheikh Saif also offered his condolences to the victims of last week’s devastating earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria, with the death toll to date at more than 40,000.

The World Government Summit concluded on Wednesday after 300 speakers — heads of state, ministers, government officials and leaders — discussed pressing issues and reviewed current and future challenges.

It featured more than 22 international forums and 220 panel discussions.

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