Watch Woman Intentionally Crash Into Ten Parked Cars While Allegedly On Drugs

Watch Woman Intentionally Crash Into Ten Parked Cars While Allegedly On Drugs

How mad would you be if it were one of your cars?

Imagine walking out of a store at your local strip mall to see an SUV ramming itself again and again into parked cars. That’s what happened in Orange County, California recently and, of course, we have it all on video for you.

The video was uploaded to TikTok where we found it, and a local news report helped fill in the blanks.


According to Fox 11 in Los Angeles, a 33-year-old woman began ramming her Nissan Rogue Sport into parked cars in a parking lot at La Paz Rd. and Chrisanta Dr. in Mission Viejo last Thursday afternoon.

Onlookers were helpless as she shifted from Reverse to Drive and repeatedly hit car after car, leaving the front end of her own vehicle badly damaged. While she didn’t have room to gain very much speed, the impacts definitely caused damaged to each vehicle she hit, and she even accelerated rapidly at people who came out to try and stop her. 

The spectacle ended, or rather moved on, when she drove off and led authorities on a short high speed chase on the southbound 5 freeway. As all people eventually realize, you can’t outrun the law, so she pulled over in a construction site and gave herself up.

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Why would someone do such a thing? Deputies say the driver appeared to be under the influence of something. At least 10 cars were damaged by her rampage, according to the news report. 

Source: TikTok, Fox 11

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