Take A Look At The Tech Behind The New CYC Photon E-Bike Conversion Kit

Take A Look At The Tech Behind The New CYC Photon E-Bike Conversion Kit

CYC gives us a few compelling reasons why it’s one of the best conversion kits out there.

These days, nearly all major bicycle manufacturers produce electric bicycles for all sorts of cycling disciplines. While e-bikes focusing on practicality and utility have become the norm, there are still e-bikes who prioritize performance. This is especially true of high-end electric mountain bikes that feature all sorts of components specially engineered for e-bike applications. 

On the other end of the spectrum, we have e-bike conversion kits designed to make any old bicycle an electric bike. These kits vary vastly in terms of performance, ease-of-use, and aesthetics. That being said, one conversion kit in particular has caught my attention, owing to its impressive performance and features. We’ve talked about the CYC Photon conversion kit before. However, this time around, CYC has published a new YouTube video highlighting some of the tech it brings to the table. This begs the question: is this the best conversion kit in the market? Well, CYC gives us a couple of reasons why it thinks this is the case. 

First and foremost, ground clearance is a particularly important in mountain biking, as trails are often laden with obstacles that could very easily damage a low-hanging motor. CYC’s solution to this was to ensure that the chainring would always be the lowest point to the ground. It did this by mounting the motor as high as possible, resulting in maximum ground clearance. To add to that, the wide selection of bash plates available for chainrings further allows you to beef up your setup to handle the rugged stuff. 

Another thing to note is that all of the components of the Photon have been manufactured in-house, and to the highest specifications possible. Further customization is available through CYC’s mobile app, and you can configure the motor to deliver power levels ranging anywhere from 250W all the way to 750W. The power can be cranked up further with off-road parameters which allow outputs up to 1,000W. 

Last but not least, the technology CYC incorporates to the Photon goes above and beyond the vast majority of e-bike conversion kits in the market. For example, it makes use of a torque sensor rather than a cadence sensor. This means that the motor is able to fine tune the level of assist provided based on how hard you’re pedaling. This translates to a much more natural pedal feel as opposed to cheaper, more rudimentary e-bike systems. 

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Naturally, an e-bike conversion kit loaded with this much technology won’t come cheap. Pricing for the CYC Photon starts at $850 USD. However, this doesn’t include add-ons such as the battery, as well as the numerous sensors that give it such adaptable performance. 

Source: CYC Motor Limited via YouTube

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