NIU Presents The NQi Mini Electric Scooter For Youngsters

NIU Presents The NQi Mini Electric Scooter For Youngsters

It’s modeled after the NQi GTS, and even has lights and speakers.

NIU is an up and coming electric two-wheeler brand that’s begun to make its presence felt in other parts of Asia, as well as in Europe. In countries like Spain and France, NIU’s electric two-wheelers have become considerably popular, especially for budget-focused, sustainability-driven commuters. One of the brand’s most popular models, the NQi GTS, a 125cc-equivalent scooter is an example of this, and now, even toddlers can swing a leg over it.

Granted, of course, the kid-focused version of the scooter isn’t road legal, and it’s about a quarter of the size of the real thing. It’s called the NQi Mini, and it’s the spitting image of its bigger sibling. Designed for kids aged three to eight years old, the NQi Mini is really just a toy meant to pique kids’ interest in the wonderful world of two wheels. It gets the same neo-retro scooter styling as the NQi GTS, and even sports the same white paint job with matching red stripes.

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Further adding to the similarities between the NQi Mini and NQi GTS is that they’re both powered by electric motors—yes, your toddler can bop around your driveway aboard this thing. Just make sure they’re doing so under proper supervision. The NQi Mini, overall, is pretty safe, as it can go any faster than five kilometers per hour, or three miles per hour. The battery is fairly rudimentary, too. Heck, it isn’t even a lithium ion battery, but rather, a traditional lead-acid battery that takes around 10 hours to charge in exchange for 90 minutes of play time.

Other nifty features include a USB port and SD card slot for you to play your kid’s favorite tunes while they’re riding around in the scooter. There’s also a top box at the back, and mood lighting to match. The NQi Mini weighs just 11 kilograms, meaning it’s incredibly easy to bring it in and out of the house, as well transport around in the back of a small car. At present, however, NIU only markets the NQi Mini in China, for a price tag of just 699 Yuan, which translates around $103 USD. Hopefully, NIU will also sell this trinket in other markets where its scooters are also sold.

Source: Le Repaire Des Motards, NIU

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