UAE: Why residents should avoid posting photos, holiday details on social media

UAE: Why residents should avoid posting photos, holiday details on social media

Many schools in the UAE will close for a week from February 13 to 17, giving families a good 9-days holiday (including weekends) during this pleasant weather. Families and students in the Emirates are taking advantage of this half-term break and flying out for vacations.

If you are among the many families who made plans for a quick getaway and looking forward to chronicling the details on social media, think again.

The UAE Public Prosecution has warned travellers against posting travel details and photos on social media. The authority highlighted a case where a resident was robbed after he posted his travel plans online.

Posting the details of the case on Twitter, UAE Public Prosecution wrote: “Nasser* was an avid social media user and often shared details of his daily life and personal affairs on these platforms.

“One day, he planned a vacation with his family and documented the trip on social media by posting pictures and information about the destination and tourist sites they visited. However, upon returning home after the vacation, Nasser was shocked to find that his house had been burglarised.”

The authority reminded residents that social media platforms are useful tools for staying connected with friends and family, as well as staying informed about current events. However, if not used correctly or if personal information is shared excessively, it can put an individual at risk.

Dubai Police , asking them not to post pictures of their , through which personal information can be accessed.

According to a Cybercrime Combating official, the boarding passes contain . Gangs may use these personal details to commit identity theft and crimes.

“Many people like to show off that they are travelling in the first or business class and post photos of their boarding passes on social media. These travellers don’t realise that criminals can access their personal data,” said Col Al Hajri.

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