New Zealand begins to take preparation to combat hurricane

New Zealand begins to take preparation to combat hurricane

ALBAWABA – New Zealand began to take preparation to combat a mass flood due to Cyclone Gabrielle, especially as it began to show effects on its northern part on Sunday.

Up to 250 millimeters of rain is expected in Auckland city in the North Island of New Zealand, on Monday. Wind gusts of up to 130 kilometers per hour are also expected.

Accordingly, Air New Zealand, New Zealand national airline, announced on Sunday the cancellation of dozens of flights to and from Auckland until midday on Tuesday, while schools and universities were closed.

Authorities informed citizens that they would receive a three-day supply of food in case they were trapped in their homes, in addition to that, shelters were prepared to evacuate the residents, if needed.

In the midst of citizens’ preparations for the severe storm, photos circulated on social media showed long lines in stores, where the shelves were completely empty of goods.

The storm comes after weeks of heavy rains in Auckland, where Gabriel is expected to bring strong winds and more torrential rain.

Gabriel was downgraded from a category three storm to a category two, which means that less strong and destructive winds are now supposed to blow.

Meteorologists, however, warned that the winds will remain strong and capable of destroying trees and power lines, and that heavy rains may cause more floods and landslides in the coming days.

New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins sent a message to residents across the country that they should take weather warnings seriously and make sure to follow the guidance that is issued.

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