Tamer Hassan losing hope for missing family in Turkey

Tamer Hassan losing hope for missing family in Turkey

Tamer Hassan is “not hopeful” his family in Turkey will be found alive after the country was hit by devastating earthquakes.

The 54-year-old actor confirmed some of his relatives are still “lost” following the tragedy earlier this week, which has left more than 17,000 in Turkey and Syria dead and thousands more unaccounted for, and he’s not convinced his missing loved ones will have survived being trapped under the rubble during such cold weather.

He emotionally told Sky News: “We have family missing. Due to the cold weather, we’re not hopeful… we’re quite worried. I have no words. We’re all devastated. We have family that are lost. I’ll be heading to Turkey, we’re trying to find a route in to the worst affected areas.”

The ‘Football Factory’ star – who was born in London but regards Turkey as his “mother country” – is currently in Cyprus, where he has been gathering supplies and raising money to take to the disaster-stricken country, and called on people to do what they can to help

He said: “There are some areas there that have been completely flattened with no help. We’re holding our hands out for people to help as much as they can.”

And Tamer warned the Turkish government need to “step up and do a lot more” in their response to the crisis.

He said: “My biggest fear is that people will start turning on each other.

“The government aren’t doing enough. They need to step up and do a lot more for us and unite as one so we can all help as much as we can. We just need help from all over the world and we need to unite as a family.

“It’s devastating for all of us. We’re all broken and trying to do the best that we can. We need the government to send the army in and stand up for their people

“This humanitarian disaster is like nothing we’ve ever seen and I hope we never see it again in our lifetime. My heart goes out to everyone else who’s lost someone.”

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