Sweden bans Quran-burning protest at Turkey’s embassy

Sweden bans Quran-burning protest at Turkey’s embassy

Protesters planning to burn a Quran outside the Turkish embassy in Sweden have been banned from holding the demonstration, police said on Wednesday.

The protesters were refused a permit after police determined it could cause serious harm to national security, the force said.

A protest in January, also held near the embassy by a far-right extremist, was the first in a spate of protests, including some in Denmark and the Netherlands, that sparked international outrage.

Other protests were banned on Norway.

“Recently, public gatherings to burn the Quran have provoked very strong reactions, which has resulted in a changed threat picture against Sweden,” the police said.

Sweden and Finland’s effort to join Nato has been blocked by Turkey’s refusal to ratify their membership bids.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan initially focused his criticism on what he said was a lack of effort to crack down on terrorist groups.

But last month, Mr Erdogan ruled out supporting Sweden’s bid after a far-right activist burnt Islam’s holy book in Stockholm. He called it a “hate crime.”

Sweden joined condemnation of the protests but they could not dissuade Turkey from cancelling diplomatic trips.

The UAE led international condemnation of the stunt carried out by the “extremist”.

Anti-immigration politician Rasmus Paludan, leader of Danish far-right political party Hard Line, was behind the first protest.

But Mr Paludan is not behind the now-banned protest that was planned for noon on Thursday, public broadcaster SVT reported.

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