Arouse anger, two female tourists without hijab in Prophet Mosque

Arouse anger, two female tourists without hijab in Prophet Mosque

ALBAWABA – A video showing the presence of two female tourists inside the courtyards of Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi, known in English as the Prophet’s Mosque, in Medina without wearing abaya or hijab, angered users of social networking sites in Saudi Arabia during the past few days.

The video showed two female tourists appeared to have been stopped by a security man who started talking to them, as it seemed that he was clarifying to them that the clothes they entered the mosque with, violated the regulations.

It also showed that the tourists took out two pieces of cloth from their bags and tried hastily to cover their hair with, while a crowd of worshipers were watching with great annoyance, especially since it was an unusual scene due the sanctity of the place.

Following the incident, The Agency of the General Presidency for the affairs of the Prophet’s Mosque said that it was found that the two women had entered the Prophet’s Mosque by mistake.

According to the statement, the two tourists expressed their complete understanding of what the mosque workers had explained to them regarding the importance of the place and its lofty message. Accordingly, the two tourists expressed their thanks and appreciation for the good treatment and clarification.

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