UAE: Over 1,600 motorists get black points on driving licence cancelled; here’s how the scheme works

UAE: Over 1,600 motorists get black points on driving licence cancelled; here’s how the scheme works

Some 1,680 drivers in Abu Dhabi managed to get their black points reduced after availing ofin 2022. Many were also able to claim their confiscated licences.

The Abu Dhabi Police on Wednesday revealed how their ‘traffic reduction programme’ — which was introduced some time ago — benefitted motorists while raising the public’s awareness of safe driving rules.

‎Black points are imposed on individuals for traffic violations like speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, and reckless driving. The maximum threshold limit of such points for any driving license holder is 24.

If a person accumulates 24 black points, the traffic court may order the suspension or confiscation of his or her driving licence. For some traffic violations, vehicles could be impounded even if the black points are less than 24.

Drivers who have accumulated the maximum 24 black points could join the awareness classes, which involves three programmes, the Abu Dhabi Police said.

The first scheme grants drivers — with eight to 23 black points — a maximum deduction of eight points per year, if they pass the course.

Drivers — who have 24 black points and their driving licence withdrawn — can benefit from classes under the second programme; while the third is for motorists who got a car-confiscation order.

The classes, in Arabic, English and Urdu, are held at the following venues:

>> Police’s section for traffic points programmes in Musaffah

>> Police follow-up section in Zayed City in Al Dhafra area

>> Police follow-up section at the ‘Morawab Al Qadim’ building in Al Ain

Motorists may dial 8003333) or visit the police’s website for more information. The Abu Dhabi Police said the programme has been helping improve drivers’ behaviours on the roads.

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