Family in Syria Rescued After 40 Hours Under the Rubble

Family in Syria Rescued After 40 Hours Under the Rubble

A heartwarming video of a family has given the people of Syria hope in the midst of a devastating earthquake that struck Turkiye and Syria on Monday, killing more than 9,500 people. 

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A family of five was rescued from under the rubble of a collapsed building in the village of Bisnia, west of Idlib, Syria by the White Helmets rescue team on Wednesday, 40 hours after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake. 

The footage showed their father, who was now standing and looked overjoyed, yelling in shock when his kids came out one at a time. 

The full video was posted by the official account of the White Helmets rescue team expressing their joy.

According to White Helmets rescuer Fatima Abid who spoke to ‘The National’ said the family is overall in “good health.”

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