E-Mobility Firm Zinc Presents The Venture E-Scooter In The U.K.

E-Mobility Firm Zinc Presents The Venture E-Scooter In The U.K.

An affordable, more comfortable alternative to the good old electric scooter.

Electric scooters are a fun and practical way to get around the city. However, they have one major drawback—you have to stay standing for the whole duration of the trip. Sure, there are e-bikes, but they tend to be much bigger, heavier, and more expensive. Oh, let’s not forget the fact that you need to pedal. 

With that in mind, Zinc, an e-mobility firm based in the U.K. has developed a sort of in-between—a cross between an electric scooter and an e-bike. It’s called the Venture, and it’s perfect for your urban adventures both in and out of the city. The concept behind the Venture is pretty simple—the practicality and ease of use of an e-scooter, with the comfort and stability of an e-bike. Indeed, just like an e-bike, there’s a height-adjustable saddle for you to sit on. However, the Venture doesn’t require you to pedal, instead relying solely on the hub-mounted motor for propulsion. 

Speaking of the motor, the Venture is equipped with a 250W hub motor that’s good for a top speed of up to 15.5 miles per hour—in anticipation of the legislation surrounding electric bike and scooter speeds in the U.K. As for battery tech, Zinc has yet to provide the exact specs, although it does say it takes just four hours to fully charge. As such, we can expect a range of about 15 miles on a single charge.  

As for the scooter’s construction, it rolls on large 14-inch wheels with air-filled tires making for a much cushier ride than a standard stand-up electric scooter. Additionally, there are springs underneath the seat which add a dash of comfort especially on less-than-perfect roads. Overall the Venture is pretty heavy for an e-scooter, weighing in at 17.3 kilograms. It also has front and rear disc brakes and LED lights front and rear. 

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In a similar fashion to standard e-scooters, the Venture can be folded, and stored in the back of a car, under your desk, or in a small corner in your garage. Zinc has priced the Venture at an attractive £500, or approximately $602 USD. If and when e-scooter legislation is passed in the U.K., the Zinc Venture will surely be a hit for folks looking for a comfy e-scooter that can go the distance. 

Source: Move Electric, Pocket Lint

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