Toyota Veloz: Heavyweight SUV arrives in UAE

Toyota Veloz: Heavyweight SUV arrives in UAE

Toyota has launched a chunky, budget-friendly SUV in the UAE called the Veloz.

This is an inexpensive, seven-seater vehicle that, upon first inspection, seems to make a fair attempt at juggling practicality and comfort with a few sporty elements to keep everyone inside amused.

Looks-wise, the Veloz has design cues that resemble the neat stylings of the RAV4, with a prominent high nose, trapezoid grille and stout front air intakes.

The new arrival is a lot bigger than its more well-established sibling, particularly when it comes to the length of the vehicle. The Veloz’s bold exterior, which is available in a choice of six colours, is finished off with 17-inch aluminium wheels.

All very elegant, then, but the newbie also ticks all the boxes as a frugal choice for those with fuel consumption in mind. Power comes from a modest 1.5-litre 4-cylinder engine, which certainly shouldn’t see drivers sobbing every time they need to fill up.

Interior space was clearly a key consideration in the design of the Veloz. As noted, it is longer than the RAV4, which translates into extra room for driver and passengers alike.

The Veloz has three rows of seats as standard, with storage compartments scattered hither and thither.

Those who like a hot beverage or tube of chilli pop as they drive along won’t be disappointed as there are a dozen cup holders spread around the cabin.

Tech comes in the form of a 7-inch information display, an 8-inch multimedia screen and a wireless charging pad, as well as the usual USB ports.

The Veloz, which is in Toyota showrooms now, really comes into its own with its pricing, though.

A base model will set you back only Dh79,900, which puts it in direct competition with the most cost-effective vehicles on the market today.

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