Junior Andre struggles to feel ‘free’ because of his famous mum Katie Price

Junior Andre struggles to feel ‘free’ because of his famous mum Katie Price

Junior Andre struggles to feel “free” because of his famous parents.

The 17-year-old singer is the son of ‘Mysterious Girl’ hitmaker Peter Andre, 49, and ex-glamour model Katie Price, 44, and explained that the most “negative thing” about being in the public eye is that the chance to have a “normal life” was “taken away from him” because he was born into it.

Speaking during an Instagram Q and A, he said: “Everyone’s watching your next move, your next step, you have no privacy, and that’s the most negative thing you know. Sometimes I think you just want to be normal, feel free and that’s sort of taken away from you because you have to be conscious of what you’re doing all the time. ”

The ‘Slide’ singer – whose parents also have daughter Princess, 15, together but Peter also has Millie, nine, and six-year-old Theo with second wife Emily MacDonagh, 33, whilst Katie has Harvey, 20, as well as Jett, nine, and eight-year-old Bunny from various relationships – went on to add that he hopes one day to live abroad because he finds himself getting “depressed” in the winter and described the warm weather as being his “way to happiness.”

He added: “It actually gets depressing in the winter. It’s too cold, and I go grey, I go grey! I don’t like it. It makes me sad. Sunshine is my key to happiness!”

Towards the end of last year, Peter gushed that his son was doing “amazingly” in the music industry and admitted that even though he was acting as his manager, he was still allowing Junior to “find his feet” as he geared up to release his second single.

He said: “Junior is doing amazingly. He has recorded his second single after the success of his debut song, ‘Slide’, and they’re currently developing the music video. The release date for that will be announced soon. Even though I’m his manager, I want to let him find his own feet in the music industry. I’m always there offering advice whenever he needs it.”

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