Iraqi model kidnapped in Libya

Iraqi model kidnapped in Libya

ALBAWABA – An Iraqi model living in Libya was kidnapped from her house, according to Arab media reports.

Libya’s Deterrence Apparatus for Fighting Terrorism and Organized Crime announced arresting the model Dalia Farhoud with the acknowledgement of the Public Prosecution in Libya.

The official spokesman for the Deterrence Apparatus, Ahmed Salem, said on Saturday Farhoud is not kidnapped but held legally for sharing inappropriate content on social media.

Earlier, armed groups were blamed for kidnapping Dalia Farhoud on Tuesday night from her home in Janzour city, west of the capital Tripoli.

Many people, including the Iraqi government, are trying to determine the whereabouts of the well-known blogger, fashion model and actress.

Iraqi Foreign Ministry spokesperson Ahmad Al Sahhaf said the ministry is following up with the Libyan authorities Farhoud case.

Many hashtags were splashed on social media platforms including “#ميديانا #داليا_فرهود #عارضة_أزياء #عراقية #ليبيا #موديل #اختفاء” where activists called authorities to detect the path of the Iraqi model as they fear she might be killed.

Rumors claimed that she may have had a tiff with Libyan media personality Ghalia Bouzakook, who she photographed without the hijab, the Muslim headcover.

Meanwhile, everyone is looking for Farhoud, who among her many talents is being a content provider.

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